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Both majors will help me accomplish my future career goals.

For this reason, I am torn between the two because they will both help me in a positive way, but I don’t know which one would be the best type of degree for my career choice.

But, what I didn’t know was that my inexperienced and unintelligent career choice was not what I wanted to do later in life.

Being rich did not mean success in my eyes as I grew wiser.

This is because once I graduate college I plan on attending Medical School.

Once I complete Medical School I will have to get my certification and then I will be classified as a Medical Doctor, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.I then started to liberate myself from the medical field studies and immigrate myself into the business field.This was just a start to find the perfect career path.People have different reasons for choosing a career path, but mine was shaped by my memories and experiences.I was determined to become the best doctor in the world, one that would be able to adapt to any patient that walked through the door.In the end, this was the career that I would do for the rest of my life.So, I decided to start thinking about what I actually wanted to do and become.On the other hand, I personally like a challenge which is why I believe Kinesiology or Pre-Professional programs would be best for me.This is because I enjoy sports and helping others, on the other hand I know biology can be tough to me, but I am willing to try to reach my career goals.When I was young, I chose my career path because a doctor made lots of money.But in the end, doctor’s do not have it off that great.


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