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A good structure tends to make sense even to ‘uninformed’ people.

If they don’t get the basic structure you’re proposing, it’s likely that you have left out important steps in your logic.

Whether you are drafting or reshaping, these three tips will help you write an article to meet the requirements of your targeted journal.1.

Find the journal’s guidelines or instructions for authors, and do not simply read them – study them.

Each strategy is highly recommended by its proponents as the most effective, but the fact is that scholarly authors differ and even the same writer might vary his or her strategy depending on the circumstances.

A Ph D candidate writing a first research article may find a journal’s instructions for authors incredibly helpful for organising and drafting the paper, but if the object is to transform a thesis chapter into a publishable article, the goal will be reshaping that material to fit the new context.

Sub-headings are common (and useful) within methods and discussion, in particular, but sometimes also in the results section. They have no set rules, which makes it even more important that they follow a logical, and clearly understandable thread.

Often, it’s a good idea to outline what this thread is specifically at the end of the Introduction.

I distinguish between a few different types of papers.

tend to follow a standard structure: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, references.


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