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The fence was mangled, bent out in exactly the shape of the car’s back end. As the child ran around the parking lot, the man tried to repair the damage he caused.I couldn’t believe I was seeing this, on an otherwise ordinary weekday morning, out of my office window. He was stocky with a shaved head; he wore cargo shorts and a flannel shirt unbuttoned to expose his chest hair. After a few seconds of assessing the damage, he walked around the car and opened the passenger door — from which a very small child scrambled out. He attempted to tug the ruined fence back into place, but it wouldn’t move.My window had woken me up from a nap to teach me a lesson in humility. I went back to my shallow screens with new determination.

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A real window is something that frames our fundamental lack of control. Your brain is forced to make drama out of whatever happens to appear. A blob of mist balances on top of a mountain; leafless trees contort themselves in slow-­motion interpretive dance; heavy raindrops make the puddles boil.

“…and as the man on the corner with his fruit stand is a window,” she writes a few lines later, materializing the frame.

It ends with the unpunctuated possibility of a long view: let us call this scene a window looking out When I’ve switched the coffee mug out for a glass of wine, am willfully avoiding a deadline, and refuse to pull myself away from the street’s unfolding drama, I’m a little harder on myself.

He tried to shove the fallen piece of bumper back onto his car, but that only made the rest of his bumper fall off too.

I sat in my red chair, looking out my window, silently cheering. He grabbed its vertical support pole, which was wickedly bent, and pulled against it with his full weight.


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