Why I Want To Be An Alpha Phi Alpha Essay

Why I Want To Be An Alpha Phi Alpha Essay-47
Once I left high school, I went on to college, and eventually continued my education at with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science.After I obtained my degree, I began coaching and mentoring the young men at in the New York City area.My desire to inspire young men and women and make a significant impact on their lives is just one of many reasons I aspire to join your great fraternity.

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Being a member of a fraternity could actually look good on my resume.

The organization of brothers could help when it comes time to network for a job.

When I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha I was introduced into a world of self inflicted subjugation.

Black people were actually imitating the Greek based social organizations of white people.

I was told that they actually helped the black community and they promoted black unity. People say that once someone goes Greek people change.

When I got to college my roommate was a senior in the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Me being the naïve nincompoop that I was this man helped take care of me and helped me adapt to my first semester in college. I’ll put that building fire out with a suffocating mixture of bile and vomit. And when the spring semester rolled around I pledged Alpha Phi Alpha with two other pledges. The fact is once someone goes Greek everyone changes. Some people want to make up for their insecurity with fights and conflict.Ninety million dollars could sponsor a lot of entrepreneurs or a ton of education opportunities.Instead they are going to spend that money for a tribute to a dead past.Although my father was not around to guide me through my journey of becoming a man, I was blessed to have a few good men in my life journey i that embraced me and instilled in me the qualities of a man and gentleman.Not only did they teach the qualities of a man, but they also ingrained in me the importance of an education.One of our advisors, who just so happened to be one of the deans of the college, once told a pledge that he should be thankful that he wasn’t pledging back in his day because Alphas don’t take kindly to members that were too dark. Alphas, like the Omegas, like Kappa Alpha Psi, like the sororities Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta, wanted to avoid our blackness and emphasize our whiteness.Funny, but I lost track of my fraternity bothers and fraternity itself.He introduced me to the world of black fraternities and the world of the Sigmas. There was one night when the whole school was in an uproar when a fight broke out between the Alphas and the members of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. The Alphas, like all the other fraternities, had these events that the entire campus would wait all semester to see. Alpha Beauty Pageant, the Alpha Ball and Cotillion, the step contest with the rest of the fraternities, the introduction of the new pledges, etcetera.I have to confess that I never did care for the Sigmas. The only reason I’m not a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity is the fact that the college I attended had a policy that freshmen were not allowed to pledge into a fraternity. There were some Omegas visiting from another school and the Omegas on the yard were going to show them a good time. The whole purpose of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity was to generate an air of sophisticated distinction and exclusivity.The last I heard of the great Alpha Phi Alpha they were working to establish a ninety million dollar memorial in Washington, DC for our late great brother Dr. When I read the news article I felt nothing but disappointment in my former fraternity.Ninety million dollars could go a long way for helping black people do something wonderful in the community.


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