Who Are The Mockingbirds In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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The resolution was not satisfactory: Robinson was wrongly convicted and died. The primary subplot is the story of Scout and Jem coming to realize that Boo Radley is a person and not just a freak. Ewell and Scout understands that it would be like killing a mockingbird to drag Boo into the limelight. They are the only people in the story who are imprisoned.The conflict for the subplot is between the children and their own ignorance and immaturity. Tom Robinson is persecuted because he's black and Boo is persecuted by his parents for some long ago infraction.

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His sentence is the product of extreme fear and group prejudice, where townsfolk would rather agree to an obvious lie than life with the social trauma of one of their white women having thrown herself at a black man.

Robinson doesn’t survive the film, he’s shot and “accidentally” killed after the trial in an attempt to flee.

Tom Robinson; all he wanted to do was help Mayella, but instead was arrested and later killed.

he meant no harm, and wanted to do nice things, and as ms Maudie says, mockingbirds don't eat your garden, they make music.

They aren’t the gifts of some bestial ghoul, but thoughtful little icons of attempted friendship that slowly morph Boo from a place of imagination to reality for Jem.

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As becomes known in the film’s final moments, Boo isn’t a monster but the psychologically wounded product of an abusive father.

Mockingbirds can do no harm; they only transmit beauty through song and visual glory.

Killing one, as is directly said in the film by Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) to his children, is a sin.

They are both at risk in the justice system of Maycomb. Wise men try to protect them both.” is told through the perspective of Scout.

She walks away from the story having grown the most, understanding the sources of evil and prejudice in her town but not becoming jaded by them. you never really knew a man until you stood in his shoes and walked around in them.


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