When Is Silence Louder Than Words Essay

But you know, when they all saw that I didn’t go crazy doing it and they saw that I was getting some good feedback from people reading my blogs, and people were actually making changes and going vegan, they got really excited about it.And now they’re very proud and they’ve changed their tune a bit.Before I really didn’t, I tell you, I didn’t care about animals. What I did know was that I was against violence and I was against oppression. It was only after spending time with animals that I could look at them differently and think, ‘You guys are people.

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When I got home we watched Earthlings together and she and Dad went vegetarian the very next day.For most of us, going just one day without being able to use our voice is a struggle.So imagine the determination required by James Aspey, a vegan and animal rights activist, who in aid of raising awareness of the plight of helpless (and voiceless) animal victims, took a vow of silence for a whole year.Then when I learned about eggs and dairy I was able to share what I’d learned with them and they were more than happy to go vegan as well.But when I told them I was going to do this vow of silence they begged me not to do it.They tried to come up with other ideas for me to do, they just hated the idea.Most of my friends thought it was pretty crazy and I knew it was pretty crazy, but I also knew that it was the right thing to do.I went vegetarian when I was working on a cruise ship.I was running the gym there and I’d been a personal trainer for nine years, always believing that you could not be a healthy vegetarian because someone that I respected in the industry told me that once and I took it as word. Then someone on the cruise ship, a very wise man, told me that eating animals was bad karma, which made perfect sense to me. I felt amazing cutting out the meat from my diet because I ate so much meat before, every single day and every single meal.When I realised the only thing that was stopping me from doing the vow of silence was the fear that I might fail, or fear of people rejecting my ideas, I knew that they weren’t reasons to stop.I knew I was doing this regardless, even if every single person I told about it didn’t think it was a good idea.


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