What Is The Executive Summary Of A Business Plan

When constructing your Executive Summary, remember to follow the subtitles or subsections of your business plan extracting the most important point(s) of each section for the summary.

Keep the summary content interesting by avoiding a straight up "copy and paste" from the other sections of the plan to the summary.

Another way to look at the Executive Summary is as "the hard sell" of your business plan.

It should be succinct and precise, interesting and engaging, factual and personable, business-like, and yet very likeable.

Remember, if you would yawn reading the same content repeatedly throughout a report, then don't do it in your own business plan.

Your goal in writing your business plan is to present the best possible face for your company to potential money sources.Without exception the Executive Summary is the most important section of any business plan.It is the very first part of your business plan that anyone will ever read.Its importance is particularly true for non-profit organizations seeking funds, and for small businesses in search of investors or in need of expansion funds.When speaking with investors, it will be the Executive Summary that they will initially ask to see.In other words, financial facts and results are the most powerful elements in your business plan.If you do not know how to exploit them in a selling manner, then find a staff member, professional writer or advertiser, or a talented marketer to write your Executive Summary for you.They are also facts which are nearly impossible to rewrite in a creative manner and for the sake of consistency of content, you do not want to rewrite these portions.They are simply too factual and short to rewrite without losing your business credibility.You will want to wait until the end of your business plan's construction before writing the Executive Summary.It is not really possible to write a summary or overview of something that is not already defined or constructed.


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