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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The maximal back flow velocity determines the maximal pressure peak when the check valve closes, so this velocity was found for different flow decelerations.

Hydraulic fracturing, as a mining technique, was first developed in 1947 and has proven to be very popular in the United States in recent years.

Hydraulic fracturing has become an increasingly popular means of accessing unconventional oil and natural gas reserves that were previously inaccessible.

This technique promises substantial improvements in fuel economy and...

more An electromechanical valve drive system using a cam-based mechanical transformer has been proposed to achieve variable valve timing in internal combustion engines.

AVL is an independent company which develops powertrain systems with internal combustion engines as well as instrumentation and test systems.

The valve actuation system is to be used in their research and development of internal combustion technology.

Solenoid valve is one of the executive parts of weft insertion control system.

According to the response characteristics of the solenoid valve, an improved design becomes a necessity.

Estimates are that up to seventy percent of natural gas extraction in the United States in the coming years will be the result of fracking.

Many proponents see fracking as one of the nation’s solutions for reducing dependence on foreign oil and achieving energy independence.


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