Value Of Critical Thinking Skills

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The United States is not heading in a positive direction regarding Black people, so it will take crucial measures in order for meaningful change to occur.

This will include, among other things, enhanced critical thinking skills in order to recognize lies that keep them from acting in their own best interests.

Politicians are notorious for using negative ads or just downright lying in order to influence people to vote for them and their causes.

The reason negative ads are so effective has to do with EMOTIONS, and emotion determines the direction that the mind takes.

It is one of convincing people to see a different manner of being; it is a matter of helping them to change their minds, to think critically.

The mental barriers are key in determining the direction that the country takes during the voting process.Individuals can have experience and skills, but not the motivation to use them when making decisions. Weak critical thinking skills and mindset show themselves in many ways: dangerous and costly errors, repeated mistakes, bad decisions, failed systems, inaction when action is needed, the giving of bad advice, inaccurate assumptions, the poor design of training programs, the poor evaluation of educational curricula, the lack of anticipated action… We can no longer afford to be mistaken about best thinking. We cannot accept poor judgments that can lead to irreparable damage and even cost lives.Unaddressed weakness in critical thinking skill results in loss of opportunities, of financial resources, of relationships and even, loss of life.A terrifying past has caused many to go into their psychological shells to protect themselves proactively from rejection and failure.Their notion that their vote doesn’t count becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because many of them stay away from the polls.And mentality is first and foremost influenced by an appeal to emotions, as said previously. For example, Donald Trump supporters have been known to say that they may not believe everything he says, but that they “trust” him. Trump has tugged at the heartstrings of these people; he speaks their lingo.African Americans, on the other hand, who say their vote doesn’t count are responding to another kind of emotional input – years of oppression and exclusion.The United States is always touted as being a democracy, which means that everyone should be able to participate in the political process. Voting is important because every citizen, no matter how wealthy, has ONLY ONE VOTE.The advantage that the wealthy seem to have, however, is that they can use their money to influence a larger number of people, i.e., to reach more hearts and minds.At all ages of life, critical thinking skills and mindset are essential when purposeful and reflective judgment is needed. Critical thinking is required for business success.Critical thinking is one of the key skills valued by employers.


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