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Remember back in the late 1980s, when Minneapolis was a hotbed of creative energy? Like all things summer, a summer font need only follow a few simple rules. There was a paltry selection of picked-over goods, until a chipboard assortment of "birthday letters" caught my eye. Today, the opposite is more likely to be true: a student who does not expand his or her approach to a project is strongly encouraged to do so."This is the Silk Road at its worst: a kind of PC 1990s where each and every interest has to be fairly represented — a letter for every voice.Back when brochures were tied together with braid and twigs? The result is Babel, seven discordant voices singing in the wind." Commentary on new European Union 50th anniversary logo, and a look back at the 100th anniversary logo for the New York Public Library.Approaching them, they seem like characters from an unused alphabet.'s choice of the "Berliner" format, half-way between broadsheet and tabloid, is an inspired alternative.

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Elegant, well-proportioned pages make its tabloid rivals look like poor relations.

Body markings — piercings, tattoos and so forth — have recently evolved into a kind of marginalized form of graphic expression, yet one that sheds an unusual light on some of the more mainstream ways in which design often reveals itself.

Designers and Books explores Paris and the Artist’s Book in the 1920s and ’30s.

[BV] What‘s the point of album covers in the post-album era? [MB] The history of the Roman Empire, which spans hundreds of years and multiple continents, is chronicled in statues and monuments its citizens left behind.

Eerie parallels between the cover designs of the reports of the 9/11 Commission and the Monicagate investigator Kenneth Starr suggest a conspiracy that can be traced back to sixteenth-century type designer Giambattista Bodoni.

Stanley Kubrick's attention to the nuances of graphic design, typography, and branding went far beyond his well-documented obsession with Futura Extra Bold.

Artsy has a list of seven ancient Roman sculptures you need to know.

[BV] Over the summer, Hyperallergic interviewed dozens of art handlers about the variable conditions of their workplaces.

Season 10 kicks off with the influence of Japanese American artists and designers—Ruth Asawa, George Nakashima, Isamu Noguchi, S.

Neil Fujita and Gyo Obata—in postwar American art and design.


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