Tragical History Doctor Faustus Thesis

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Just like in the Taliban, people are convinced that by performing acts such as suicide bombings they will be granted all the wealth and power in the afterlife.

The only difference in this play from today’s world is that Faustus is promised all these things during his life just so long as he signs his soul away to the devil for all of eternity.

Faustus, although having numerous times to repent, concedes to the devil mainly because he is sidetracked with all the shows and tricks the devil has for him.

He also believes he is damned and that his soul can not be saved. 114) Here Faustus seems to be starting to believe in heaven and hell and wants to find out where he will end up in the afterlife.

Nevertheless, commentators do suggest that Marlowe's extensive education in theology, his participation in the bitter conflicts between Catholicism and Protestantism, and his exposure to atheistic doctrines made him uniquely prepared to dramatize the story of a man who rejects Christianity and makes a pact with the devil.

Textual History The text of Doctor Faustus survives, as Harry Levin wrote, in a "mangled and encrusted form." Marlowe probably wrote the play between 15, following the success of both the first and second parts of his drama Tamburlaine.

Further complicating textual matters, the original publisher of the A-text paid two writers named Samuel Rowley and William Bride to make revisions to Doctor Faustus.

Because the A-text is know to have been revised, many scholars maintain that the B-text is probably closest to Marlowe's original version.

These two versions of the play differ substantially.

The A-text has speeches that are not in the B-text; the B-text has almost 700 lines that are not in the A-text.


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