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She worked as an editor, raised her sons as a single mom, and continued to write fiction.In 1967, she received a promotion to senior editor and a much-desired transfer to New York City. The story of a young girl who loses her mind, the novel was well received by critics but failed commercially.Morrison had a sister, Lois, and two younger brothers, George and Raymond.

Chloe Anthony Wofford, later known as Toni Morrison, was born in Lorain, Ohio, on February 18, 1931.

She was the daughter of a shipyard welder and a religious woman who sang in the church choir.

Inevitably, however, she began to experience racial discrimination, as she and her peers grew older. in English and a new name: ‘Toni Wofford’ (Toni being a shortened version of her middle name). It was also during this time that she wrote the short story that would become the basis for her first novel, .

She graduated with honors in 1949 and went to Howard University in Washington D. At Howard, she majored in English and minored in classics, and was actively involved in theater arts through the Howard University Players. In 1964, Morrison took a job in Syracuse, New York as an associate editor at Random House.

Published in 1970, The Bluest Eye came about at a critical moment in the history of American civil rights. It was published in 2015, Before this book's publication, in April, the literary world was given a small taster of the literary feast that was to come, when The New Yorker...

Morrison began Pecola's story as a short piece in1962; it became a novel-in-progress by 1965. Jazz was first published in 1992, a year before Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.Morrison is an author, a teacher, and a professor in the Princeton University.She won numerous prizes, including the Nobel for literature, and is most known for her story...They placed extreme value in the education of their children and themselves.John Willis taught himself to read, and his stories became the inspiration for Morrison's (1977).She frequently worked with the children of new immigrants to America. After a teaching stint at Texas Southern University, Toni returned to Howard University and met Harold Morrison.Morrison's parents' desire to protect their child from the racist environment of the South succeeded in many respects: racial prejudice was less of a problem in Lorain, Ohio than it would have been in the South, and Chloe Wofford played with a racially diverse group of friends when she was young. They married, and before their divorce in 1964, Toni and Harold Morrison had two sons.Between 19, Morrison worked as a Professor of English at the State University of New York at Purchase while holding her job at Random House and working on tells the story of an emancipated slave woman named Sethe who is haunted by the ghost of the daughter she killed.The novel is an ambitious attempt to grapple with slavery and the tenacity of its legacy.She was also the only student who began school with the ability to read.Because she was so skilled, Morrison was often asked to help other students learn to read.


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