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They can also be simpler, like having more than on child in a family, having a pet or studying abroad.To help you out, the had published a list of 200 prompts for opinion writing, and the International Debate Education Association is full of ideas.

Remember the quote by Anaïs Nin up in this post’s introduction?

Notice the quotation marks how we included her name.

Your opinion is subjective, though, which means it may differ from other people’s opinions.

For example: I may think that Cinderella and the prince will be happy forever and have beautiful children, but you may believe that they got married too soon and will not be happy together.

On the TOEFL test and in your academic or professional writing, you will be using all of these techniques.

So make sure to always use the appropriate technique.

If your favorite book doesn’t include questions, you can always ask a teacher or a friend to write you some. Don’t just pay attention to the storyline and the main ideas, but also examine the vocabulary, sentence structures and grammatical features used.

By observing and analyzing the English language, you will improve your understanding and can use what you have learned in your own writing. These are all questions you want to know the answers to.

Underline and circle words or passages that you find important. Review your answers before checking the key for the correct answers.

Ask a teacher or native speaker if you have questions about any of the answers.


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