To What Extent Should Nationalism Be Embraced Essay

To What Extent Should Nationalism Be Embraced Essay-65
For example, when asked the question ‘what reasons do we have to identify with the state to which we belong?’ they may answer that we have ties because states have pragmatic and tangible benefits, both economically and socially.The rise of ethnic nationalism and of imperialist racialism led to the sidelining in the more established nation-states of the republican traditions associated with civic nationalism.

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We may be members of the Volk or citizens of ‘the land of the free’.

In section 3, three attempts to give civic nationalism the upper hand are outlined.

This chapter is about national ties and how they are supposed to act as a glue that holds the state together in the eyes of its citizens.

A nation-state is one where all the people in the state are bound together by ties of national solidarity.

However, perhaps they are swimming against currents that are just too strong.

Some contemporary political theorists regard nationalism as an anachronistic vestige of less enlightened times, or as a distraction from the real issues of politics.First, it forces people to ‘“internalise” externalities’.The state ensures that people pay the real cost of their activities, including environmental and social costs.Conceptually, the sources of solidarity have either derived from ideas of ethnicity or from ideas of civic unity (section 2).The stories we tell are often either about common origins, or common social traditions.Very many people have killed and died in the name of the nation, and states have disintegrated into bitterness and conflict as a result. Much of the thinking described in this chapter prizes a solidarity that is strong yet socially inclusive.In section 1 the issue of solidarity will be explained.The Scots have a new parliament (though not quite a state) that represents the Scottish nation.The newly unified German state allows the nation to shape its destiny as one.Nationalists argue that solidarity derived from 'thin' concepts like 'justice' and 'utility' cannot bind people to their states.Conceptually, the sources of solidarity have either derived from the ideas of ethnicity or of civic unity.


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