To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Introduction

However, with the objectiveness and dislike for sentiments inherent to the Finch family, Jean Louise, presenting the father to the readers, speaks of him briefly and clearly.She and her brother believed that their dad was not bad: he played with them, read them aloud, always was polite and fair. She can only be reproached for excessive restraint.The narrative manner of the author is quite peculiar.

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No less familiar is the main dramatic situation of the book which should become the central point of a “To Kill a Mockingbird essay - social inequality”: the trial of a black man falsely accused of violence; blows of fate endured by an honest and courageous lawyer who undertook to defend the accused but, however, is helpless before the onslaught of age-old racist prejudices.

All this already "worn out" life and literary material helped Harper Lee to write an interesting book in which the freshness and independence of thought may be found.

Telling something to his children or answering their at times very risky questions, he usually resorted to a somewhat parodic, dry legal style.

And when in court, completely breaking the version built by the prosecutors of Tom Robinson, he utters his speech, there are no loud words in it, no plea for pity, no escalation of emotions.

However, in appearance and habits, he is absolutely "anti-heroic".

This quiet widower under fifty years old is always a little tired, sits in the armchair reading a newspaper or a book in the evenings, "knows nothing" compared to other fathers, as his daughter sadly noted.Such "mobile" angle of view allows the writer to go beyond the limits of the child's perception, to talk about the most serious and funniest things retaining all the charm of immediacy. However, it’s worth stressing in a character analysis of Scout in a “To Kill a Mockingbird” essay that she and her friends are not detached from the real world, they realize everything that is going on around.Harper Lee made it without a banal method of "various storytellers" which was already presented in the Western novel. She, along with her brother Jem who is four years older than her, is brought up by father. He swims to some island where there is always fog and as many small children as possible, and they can ask him to bring a baby. Rather because of regret for the young teacher, they listen to the tale about cats that visit each other and dress in various clothes.Even before her father, having turned almost the whole city against himself, undertakes to protect the doomed black man Robinson, readers are convinced that Atticus Finch is a man of that kind which is usually called "real", apparently, because of the abundance of surrogates.You can emphasize in a “To Kill a Mockingbird" literary essay that he is endowed with the highest qualities of mind and heart, and, at the same time, the reader is not at all oppressed by excessive perfection of his nature.It is a clever, ironic woman who, obviously, did not lose her former independence of judgments. Children create around them a mysterious, fantastically romantic world of prejudices about the place where you can meet the soul of a deceased person who does not have a way to heaven.You may describe this contrast in a “To Kill a Mockingbird” essay on maturity. From urban gossip around the Radley family, they create their own misty world where babies sleep and just wait to be picked up like flowers in the morning, a world of secrets and riddles. Children's imagination is enough to make life fascinating and bright.You may describe a real feat of empathy in a “To Kill a Mockingbird” essay.During his entire life, Atticus did not utter a single demagogic phrase.A small sultry town in Alabama, South of the USA, should appear before their eyes.It is so small that the residents recognize each other just hearing the voice.


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