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Dubose to the final chapter when he is prepared for Jem to take responsibility for Bob Ewell's death, Atticus demonstrates true courage.

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Scout is aware that the majority of Maycomb's community opposes her father's decision to defend Tom but she still attends the trial with her brother and Dill.

During the trial, Scout witnesses the prosecuting lawyer argue against Atticus's case and does not get offended when Mr. She also witnesses the traumatic verdict and once again demonstrates her courage by handling the tragic loss with maturity and composure.

Scout also depicts her courage by defending Jem in...

Scout also depicts her courage by defending Jem in front of the Old Sarum bunch in chapter 15.

Atticus is a man of integrity, and he shows courage through upholding his strong values.

He is brave enough to practice and live according to the principles in which he believes, and he insists that his children also adhere to his ethical standards—no matter the risk or cost.After Scout runs into the lynch mob surrounding Atticus, one of the men grab Jem by the collar and Scout defends her brother by kicking the man in the groin.Scout also demonstrates her courage by attending the Tom Robinson trial.Some people argue that this doesn’t display much courage, since Scout is somewhat unaware of the danger she and her father are in during this scene.However, she is clearly afraid in the situation, even if she doesn’t understand quite how dire it is.Author Harper Lee manages to mix a bit humor--both bawdy and surreal--into what is potentially a deadly situation on the night that the lynch mob arrives at the jail.With the men speaking in whispers so as not to awaken the man they plan to hang, Scout sees this "sickeningly comic aspect of an unfunny situation" turn more dangerous when one of the men try to manhandle Jem. This courageous act was followed by another when Scout unknowingly subdued the mob with her innocent small talk.Scout, though young, demonstrates tremendous courage throughout the story.There are several instances which describe her courage well, but perhaps none more so than when she intervenes with the mob threatening her father, Atticus.When she intervenes and begins talking with the men in the riot, she shows that she is unafraid and able to stand up in frightening situations.While she seems confused as to what is occurring or what she should actually do, her instincts drive her to action, encourage her to try to talk the men out of any adverse action.


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