Tilapia Business Plan

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If your tilapia farm is profit based, you will need to set up a business.You can decide on either a sole-proprietorship, partnership, a corporation or Limited Liability Company.The key to a successful tilapia farming is proper setting up.

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There has been a rise in demand for fish products over the years.

This is because fishing alone cannot guarantee sufficient supplies.

Here is a free business plan for starting a Tilapia farm. A tilapia fish has five primary needs, food, water, oxygen, fresh water and space to move around.

If you do not have a place to house tilapia fishes, you will need a pond or stream, but if you cannot acquire that, a tilapia fish is a fresh water fish and can also be grown in tap water.

However, when using a tank for tilapia farming the water should be conditioned for a while before fishes are let in because there’s no recirculation of water in a tank.

Find a good dealer in your locale whom you will purchase tilapia fingerlings from.When filling up the pond to start a tilapia farm, it is important to take note of the temperature of the water as a tilapia fish would not thrive in water below 68 decrees.It is very important that you make inquiry on regulations regarding tilapia farming from the authorities of your state because each state may have a different regulation on possessing tilapia fish even if you wish to farm these fishes for personal consumption.Whichever structure you choose has its distinctive characteristics.For you to start tilapia farming business, the state may also request a commercial license and a few other permits before you will be permitted to run your business.Tilapia farming can be carried out in various environments.You will need to decide the system of farming to start your tilapia business. Using a pond to start a tilapia farm is the easiest in terms of cost and accessibility, while a tank or cage would require you to purchase most of the tilapia farming equipment.Plan the method in which you want to maintain your tilapia fish, what will you feed the fishes and how will you supply the food?You will also have to maintain the oxygen level, carbon dioxide, p H and nitrogen in the water.Firstly, put the intention of starting a tilapia farming business into consideration.Your business intention would actuate its planning and strategy.


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