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This created obvious parallels between lending in these two spheres.

Lenders overpriced for risk, provided monies to borrowers who were not credit-worthy, and had loan products with troubling features like sizable front-end fees, high default interest rates and aggressive debt collection practices.

Another View on Loans The appropriate level of student loan debt and default for a college's graduates depends heavily on an institution's students and mission, write Jacob Gross and Nicholas Hillman.

Many of the problematic student loans are held by individuals who left college before graduation, meaning they have incurred “debt without diploma.” This reality distorts default statistics, making their indicia of school quality misleading.

Indeed, this market is intentionally focused on credit worthiness; if anything, it awards more dollars to those who have weak credit, specifically to enable educational opportunity.

And while Congress can debate the interest rates charged on student loans, the size of Pell Grants and the growing default rates, it is highly improbable that the student loan market will be privatized any time soon.

One caution: history tells us that the risks of the private student loan market are substantial; all one has to do is look at lending improprieties before and since the government became the lender-in-chief and the non-student loan predatory lending that targets our least financially stable borrowers.

There are things that can and should be done to improve the government-run student-lending market to encourage our most vulnerable students to pursue higher education at institutions that will serve them well.

This means you will not have to begin paying back your loans until 9 months after the completion of the dissertation.

Students may apply for financial aid for the year you will be working on the dissertation.


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