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Even Antony, Caesar’s LOYAL friend, claims Brutus to be an “honorable man” in his speech given to the people of Rome.But how could he believe Brutus to be an honorable man?Cassius boldly claims that these letters will eventually allow him to “shake” Caesar and make him suffer (1. Besides, without the use of deception, Brutus would never fall into Cassius’s power-hungry hands, and without Brutus’s role in the conspiracy, the events of this tragedy would follow entirely different routes, or perhaps not even take place at all. This lie is key to the narrative because it convinces Caesar to attend the senate where his murder takes place.

Even Antony, Caesar’s LOYAL friend, claims Brutus to be an “honorable man” in his speech given to the people of Rome.

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Not one of these elements, however, is as crucial to the development of the narrative as the power of deception and manipulation, which Shakespeare uses to move the plot forward and lead the reader toward the play’s key moments.

One of the first examples of deceit occurs in the first act, when Cassius sends anonymous letters to Brutus. As it turns out, these letters ultimately convince Brutus to join the conspiracy — a major step towards Caesar’s deathly fate.

This shows that he was a very weak person in the novel.

Women play a minor role in the overall plot of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare but without them, two of the main characters: Brutus and Caesar would be incomplete and certain language could not be used.

Clearly what Brutus did was wrong, even the so called “villain” believed so too. Brutus did want what was best for his country more than anything.

But his ambition—for that, I killed him” was the excuse Brutus gave to the people for killing Caesar.Brutus Is Not An Honorable Man In Julius Caesar, it is obvious that Brutus is not an honorable man.He broke trust and that alone is not possibly honorable.Sure he might have been loyal to his country, but is that really an excuse to kill someone?He loved Caesar as a friend, but was so easily set back by Cassius. “Yet I see thy honorable mettle may be wrought from that it is disposed”, was said by Cassius himself intended toward Brutus!Brutus did want he thought was best for Rome, but overall was disloyal and committed a huge sin in the process.Loyalty in a friendship is very important and sadly that’s something Brutus doesn’t have. He listened to Cassius and was blinded by his love for his country. However with Antony, loyalty towards his country and his dear friend did not conflict. Conclusion Octavius also helps avenge the death of Caesar. Cassius convinced Brutus to join the conspirators as they were scared that Caesar was ambitious and could become a tyrant. His loyalty for his country blinded him for his loyalty towards his friend.Though the conspirators are the main antagonists, they are not the only characters who use manipulation to achieve their ends.By using powerful rhetorical devices in his renowned speech, Antony leads the people of Rome to rampage in quarrel against anyone involved in the rebellious attempt that his audience had just a few moments before praised and supported.


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