Thesis On Why We Crave Horror Movies

Thesis On Why We Crave Horror Movies-66
However, in their waking state and to remain ‘normal’, people push these things to the unconscious.For example, the ideas of ghosts, vengeance after death, exorcism, possession by evil spirit etc., have always appealed to human minds. They say that these are all imaginations and myths.

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King also says that horror movies are reactionary as they help people to avoid social change.

By that he means that people avoid the social change by refusing to accept their attraction towards the antisocial and gory aspects of their mind.

However, innately they are still curious about it and feel that these can be true. TOPIC: Why we crave......against normal human psyche because according to rules, one should loath the wrongdoer and be sympathetic to the one being wronged.

Their fear of darkness, fear of closed rooms, fear of heights etc., show that human beings do believe in the existence of ghosts and paranormal. But again, what Stephen King stated was right, that is, we all are fanatically mad deep within us and there is a part of us that wants us to be impressed by the one who scares others and does wrong. Although we make long speeches and lengthy discussions against aggression, destruction, hostility and belligerence, still we enjoy aggressiveness being shown in films and being played around us.

It is a long held belief that only abnormal people can get joy and happiness by watching horror movies.

People try to display this belief by reacting with horror at whatever gory happens in the horror movies.However, their rational mind demands proof and scientific approach. Does this mean that we are becoming inhuman or does......?Hence, they do not express their curiosity about the paranormal openly. Horror movies have captivated a wide range of audience, feeding their curiosity of gore, dread, and fear.When we see another person suffer it helps us arouse psychological feelings such as curiosity and anxiety which causes comfort to see someone else in pain.Furthermore these movies are merely exaggeration and mostly do not have any practicality linked to them.Horror movies provide the excitement lacking in a life of mundane routine.Humans innately crave strong sensations and stimulation of the nervous system. Movies as conservative and reactionary Stephen King, in his essay “Why we crave horror movies,” says that horror movies are conservative and reactionary.They serve the antisocial aspects of the society and hence, also give an outlet to the abnormal and antisocial emotions suppressed inside the unconscious. The first movie starring Josh Hartnett as Eben and Melissa George as Stella, depicts a remote town in Alaska called Burrows where every winter they are plunged into darkness for a month.By doing so horror movies serve the society as it saves people from exploding their emotions in the society. a modern version of the public lynching” (King) where lynching denotes “unlawful execution especially by a mob” (The American Heritage Dictionary 504). This year their innocent and unsuspecting town is attacked by a......underlying concerns that drive people to watch horror movies.According to him, horror movies limit their goriness and ugliness by showing only those things which can be digested by human mind.In doing so, horror movies conform to the social expectations and hence, they remain conservative.


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