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Usually this feeling comes when one has committed an offence, crime, violation or wrong act.It is the feeling of responsibility for this poor action that has been committed.

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Another form of blood is represented when Lady Macbeth says, “Here’s the smell of the blood, still, all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”(V. This blood is from the killings she has taken part in, and it shows that the guilt can not be easily rid of, but will stick with her for a long time.

Finally, blood is also shown through the murders that were committed.

Guilt is a major factor in people’s lives, and will continue to haunt the characters of for a long time.

Guilt can be a result of many things, as it is a feeling that remains forever.

Usually this feeling occurs when an offense, crime, violation or wrong act is committed.

Macbeth commits this poor action just to be happy, but in the end, he was only left with much remorse.All literature students and those studying humanities have to read Shakespeare.The name of William Shakespeare is the most powerful “brand” in the world of drama.Macbeth is one of the most famous tragedies by Shakespeare.Essays on Macbeth are common assignments both in high schools and universities.In this play, there are many themes, but guilt is one of the most significant one.It teaches crucial lessons to the readers, with everlasting morals. This demonstrates how Lady Macbeth is feeling guilty about Lady Macduff’s murder and how Macbeth has ruined everything with his nervousness. This confirms how Lady Macbeth is constantly thinking about the deaths that she was part of, and how the feeling of guilt is taking over her life.However, if he could, he would not have killed Duncan.He was faced with a conflict that he had to resolve, but he realized that he did not make the right decision.He shows a guilty feeling before and after the crime is committed.He is guilty before when he is deciding to kill his best friend, and he is guilty after because he went and killed his best friend, and as a result, he is guilty of committing this crime. This shows that after killing Duncan, Macbeth regrets his decision.


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