Thesis About The Effects Of Computer S

Thesis About The Effects Of Computer S-21
The 21st century can be characterized as the computer century.Computer revolution was initiated after World War II and is continuously evolving ever since.When referring to a desktop model, the term “computer” technically only refers to the computer itself — not the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

As long as the school has a computer lab, students are able to use the internet and digital encyclopedias to obtain the research they need.

In conclusion, computers have a profound effect on modern life with the business sector and communication being the ones influenced the most.

As their advancement continues, so is their influence expected to extend.

If you want to be really technical, the box that holds the computer is called the “system unit.”Some of the major parts of a personal computer (or PC) include the motherboard, CPU, memory (or RAM), hard drive, and video card.

While personal computers are by far the most common type of computers today, there are several other types of computers.


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