The Thesis Statement Of A Strong Compare-And-Contrast Paragraph Should Combine

The Thesis Statement Of A Strong Compare-And-Contrast Paragraph Should Combine-11
These were the days in which what should be done was decided by my random personal whim, these were the days where time was on my side, the days where I explored the world with my quiet young mind, the days that can only be connected now by a statement such as “remember…”.

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I think this example for your writing is a nice ending for your essay: Ben. However, your question will likely be flagged as a "can you do my homework for me" question.

If you don't mind, I'll respond by helping you answer your question.

This time could be used to pursue what ever you think you want to do like reading a book, drawing, etc.

Time for me, now needs to be dedicated to a passion to excel in, in order to find a job related to it, with the closeness of adult years I am told many things I should or need to spend time with, such as an activity I learned from the media, school, friends, but not something I learned from myself, like I did in my childhood.

You can use the same example, like the N64, or different examples, like Pokemon, N64, and lawn darts.

When you go back and revise, the artful part is to make the last sentence of your paragraph act as a transition to the next paragraph.

Time has passed inevitably and with time comes change. Now you have three paragraphs of examples, so it should be a lot more obvious what your point is.

Go back and write your introductory paragraph to tell us what point your examples will illustrate. Your last paragraph should tell us why the examples should have illuminated your point and invite the reader to reflect on your shared experience.

How do I fit one broad point into the structure of three specific points and an overall thesis?

Here's an example of an essay in development that I am trying to fix.


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