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There is a big conflict at the conclusion however it doesn't appear like the height of all that has preceded it.Grand fight scenes in movies stir the blood; this movie leaves the viewer cold.

There is a big conflict at the conclusion however it doesn't appear like the height of all that has preceded it.Grand fight scenes in movies stir the blood; this movie leaves the viewer cold.

There's almost no approach or sense of position - battles just occur, and their significance (or requirement thereof) is hardly ever placed into a general background.

It's an uncommon thing for Washington to be talked about.

At the beginning of the movie when Benjamin is taking the children to Aunt Charlotte's house in Charleston, there is a woman on the street that does not move, and wearing a big hoop dress.

She is there to hide the fire hydrant on the street underneath her dress.

Nearly all war films, regardless of what their background, build steadily to a historic climax.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with The Patriot.Earlier in the film, Tavington pretended to be dead twice after Martin's sons shot him.Guns were less powerful during Revolutionary times and the wounds were more survivable.To ensure we don't lose prospect of the verity that all the killing and fatality isn't only concerning killing Col.Tavington, we're infrequently subjected to sermons about the virtues of independence and shots of the American flag pictured with a regard for reverence equivalent in movies such as The Postman by Kevin Costner.At the end of the movie, Martin stabs Tavington in the stomach, and then in the throat.How does he know Tavington is really dead this time?Because he would be viewed as a dishonorable, brutal, un-British man for the extremely immoral things he is about to do (e.g., burn a church filled with women and children), and would be shunned by society.He's willing to do this in exchange for a manor and land in America when (as he believes will happen) the British win the war.So in fact the continental army did not flee in this battle it was mostly militia that fled.Weaponry in this movie proved to be mostly accurate except for a few theatrical add ins to extend the sense...


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