The Color Purple Essay

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If a white person wrote about a less than perfect black person than it was considered racist.

Now that a black person is writing about other blacks that are foretaking in acts that are, in their eye’s, immoral and corrupt, the subject is brought into a new light.

Then, all of the sudden a certain event causes her to dramatically change her course of thinking.

This change is caused by the influence of a character that is new to the book.

Mr.______ is really in love with her sister, but their father decides that her sister Nettie is too young for marriage so he settles for Celie. He start to choke me, saying you better shut up and git used to it.” (Walker, pg.

This shows how unfeeling Mr.____ is in the first portion of the novel. 1,2) However, Mr.____ comes upon a big change in his life when Celie finally leaves him. Mr.____ changes his evil ways and begins to show some compassion and love.

First allowing herself to be raped and bearing his children and taking his abuse.

Then on to the abuse that her “husband”, Mr.____ shows towards her.

They become friends and often visit each other’s homes and chat on the porch while sewing. He not such a bad looking man you know, when you come right down to it.

And now it do begin to look like he got a lot of feeling hind his face.” (Walker, pg.


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