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He tried to write a different version but could not get it to work.

He put the project aside until he found a copy of the first draft fifteen years later.

After learning that the surgery cannot be reversed, he interrogates Honest John, demanding the identity of his surgeon.

Honest John implies that Johnnie knows the doctor and is involved. She admits that the doctor hired her to monitor Frank, but does not know her name.

Horrified by his new appearance, Frank has a mental breakdown.

Finding a box in the room with hormones and a tape recorder, Frank discovers a message left to him by Jane encouraging him to start over.

The character goes on to commit a series of murders.

Walter Hill recalls, "I liked its audacity, and its potential to be ...

When Galen contradicts her, she attacks him in a fit of rage before being restrained.

A short time later, she asks for a legal deposition so that she can confess.


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