The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Essay

Although the book is one of the first great American novels, it still contains a few weaknesses.

One of its weaknesses is that the language used in the dialogues is difficult for non-Southern Americans to understand, especially dialogues involving Jim.

This was evident when he was deciding if he should set Jim free or write and tell Miss Watson about the situation.

In the end he decided to follow his heart and help set Jim free, which proves that he has a strong moral.

Huck is also very kind, which is the contrary of what should be expected from someone like him.

Since Huck grew up in a harsh environment, he should turn all the rages and the sense of unfairness into revenge. It was also apparent that Huck was a great liar, but he did not lie in order to do others any harm. Middle Freedom was definitely one of the most important themes throughout the novel.

Mockery of society was also one of the major themes in the novel.

The author was able to reflect the worst elements of the real world in the book, and present them to the society so people can recognize their false.

In reality Huck was average if not better spiritually than almost very other character.

An example of Huck being "bad" in a not so bad way is when he decides to that he's going to aid Jim because he figures he is already going to hell so adding another 'sin' to his rap sheet can't hurt.


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