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These three men dominated the movement; although other artists were briefly associated with Regionalism, most remained limited to their local communities or else passed through to other styles for their mature career.In a full-immersion baptism, the preacher stands in a large wooden stock tank, gripping the shoulder of a young woman dressed in white, ready to lower her into the water.On the left, worshippers stand in attendance, dressed in their Sunday best, as a man reads from a prayer book.For some, it was a patriotic reaction against the avant-garde experimentations of contemporary European artists, especially Parisians such as Picasso and Braque with Cubism and Max Ernst and Andre Breton with Surrealism. Of this movement Benton wrote: "The name Regionalism was taken, I believe, from a group of southern writers, poets and essayists, who in the late twenties called themselves 'agrarians.' These, turning from the over-mechanized, over-commercialized, over-cultivated life of our metropolitan centers, were seeking the sense of American life in its sectional or regional centers. Neither Wood, Curry, nor I ever held ourselves, either in space or time, to any American region...(We) thought of ourselves simply as American or Americanist painters, sectional at one moment, national and historical at others.The most famous Regionalist painters, Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Grant Wood, were all associated with specific regions of the American Midwest.This gave their art a local character that suggested its authenticity.On the right appears a group of young people, dressed in white, reverentially waiting their turn to be baptized.The scene compels belief with its realistic details: a motorcar parked on the left, farm dogs on the far right, horse-drawn buggies visible behind the crowd, the red barn with a silo and windmill behind it, and a blue two story farmhouse.Ra Rabbet Rabbit skin Radial Radiate Radiograph Radius Raffia Rag paper Railway painters-canada Rainbow fountain Raising Raisonne Raking cornice Raking light Raku Ramayana Rare Rasp Raster image Raster image processor Rathas Ratio Rational Rattan Raw azuriteazurite Ray Ray vogue art school - ray college of design Rayograph Rayonism Rayonnant Readability Reader spread Ready-made Realgar Realia Realism Realistic Ream Rebate Rebus Recisionism Rectilinear Recto Recycled paper Red rose girls Red wing pottery Red-figure Reduction firing Reed Reflected color Reflection Reflective copy Reflectogram Reflexivity Reformation Refraction Refractive index Refractory Refus global Regency Regionalism Register Register marks Registrar Registration Regular Rehoboth beach colony Reid-stone art school Reify Reimann school of commercial and industrial art lo Reinforced concrete Relative apparent size Relative humidity Release agent Relic Relief Relief print Relief printing Reliquary Remarque Renaissance Renaissance - high renaissance - northern renaissa Render Rendering Rendition Repeatability Repetition Replica Replicate Repousse Represent Representational Representational art Reproduction Reprographics Republican period of chinese art Research Reserve column Reserve price Resettlement administration Resin Resins Resist Resolution Resolution target Resonance Respond Restoration Retable Retablo Retina Retinal art Retouch Retouching Retrospective Reuben award Reversals Reverse Reverse glass painting Reversible Reynolda house Rgb Rhode island school of design Rhombohedron Rhombus Rhopography Rhyton Rib Ribbed vault Rice paper Richmond school Ridgepole Riffler Right angle Right brain Right reading Rinceau Rinehart scholarship Ringling art school - college of art and design Ripsaw Risers Rivet Robert lougheed memorial award Roberts gallery canada Rocaille Rochefort-en-terre artist colony Rochester art club Rocker Rockport art association Rocky mountain school of painting Rocky neck artist colony Rococo Rod Rodding Rodin studios new york city Roentgen rays Roman Roman bronze works Romanesque Romanitas Romanticism Rondo Rookwood pottery Rorschach test Rose window Rosenwald fund grant Rosette Roseville pottery company Rosin Rotary press Rotogravure Rottenstone Rotulus Rotunda Rouge Rouge paper Rough Round back bind Roundel Roving Royal academy of antwerp Royal academy of arts Royal academy of arts london Royal academy of fine arts munich Royal canadian academy of arts Royal college of art london Royal danish academy of fine arts copenhagen Royal hibernian academy Royal insitute of oil painters Royal institute of painters in water colours - rip Royal society of british artists Royal society of marine artists Royal society of miniature painters and sculptors Royal society of painter-etchers and engravers Royal society of painter-printmakers Royal society of painters in water colours Royal society of portrait painters Royal ulster academy of arts Royal ulster academy ulster academy of arts Royal watercolour society Royal west of england academy Roycroft shops Rubbing Rubbing compound Rube goldberg Rubnisme Ruby window Rudolph schaeffer school of design Rugosity Rule Rule of compensation Ruleup Runner Rush Ruskin school of drawing and fine art Russian academy of arts Rust Rustic Rusticate A term used generally to describe an artist's depiction of a certain geographical area but in American art history pertains specifically to a movement founded by Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri, with fellow mid-westerners Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry in the 1930??? Charles Burchfield is sometimes categorized with them as well.As painters they extolled the virtues of living in small town or rural America, and they sought metaphors for prime human experiences in the ordinary people and simple ways of that rural culture.


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