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Possibly, they will offer some key words, assisting to disclose the main idea of the paper.

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All paragraphs together must support the entire argument and the key point of the work.

Finally, you reread the paper, getting sure that you’ve included all the needed arguments and they are in correct order.

The first your statement is thesis statement, that should sound like declaration.

After thesis you bring list of points examining the problem, according to the questions set in the beginning.

In fact, when people question me about how one can be both servant and leader, I point to the example of Christ, because he was able to provide leadership and guidance by putting the needs of his followers above his own, while not allowing the wants of his followers to dissuade him from the appropriate and proper course of action.

Servant leaders are group members first, and leaders second.

Not only did He repeatedly say that was not as important as His followers, but He gave His life for them.

As a result, his person aspiring to be a leader in the church, Jesus Christ is my personal model for leadership and is the ultimate servant leader.

Unfortunately, this notion of leadership, which so many embrace, is destined for failure.

People are not inspired to follow leaders that do not pay attention to the needs of their followers; they may be short-term followers because of fear or necessity, but they will not be long-term followers when a leader is clearly selfish.


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