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“If you see a sign of fear on someone’s face, particularly if it’s concealed, then you’ll go up and ask a few questions.” Inquiring may lead to a caught lie and eventually the truth.Recently, about 20 Washingtonians paid to learn about lying.But to respond in such a dour manner would turn a passing pleasantry into an awkward, socially debilitating episode.

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Another recently discovered that his wife is a compulsive liar, and he wants to arm himself for social interactions.

The class, which is offered occasionally through Professionals in the City, is taught by the Lyin’ Tamer: Janine Driver, a former stand-up comedian and federal law enforcement investigator who blended those two life experiences to make herself into a body language guru. 1 thing is to norm them, calibrate them,” Driver explains.

If your colleague believes you are an honest person and to be trusted, friendship, information and opportunities are more likely to flow your way. Every time you need to decide whether to tell the truth or lie, and if you decide to lie, what will the lie be, you are using energy. If you always tell the truth you can’t get caught out! 100% truthful people are rare in today’s society and are an important and valuable commodity.

If you are facing this dilemma multiple times a day it can be both mentally and physically taxing. People who tell the truth are instinctively drawn to other honest speaking people.

Being honest can bring you better quality friends and acquaintances.

We are liars and lie catchers, and the sport runs from the banal to the breathtaking, from personal to public.Here is a list of the 8 major benefits of always telling the truth: 1/ You don’t have to remember your lies.Once you have told a lie, you need to remember that lie so as not to contradict yourself in the future.Saying nothing at all, telling a ‘white lie’ or telling a big lie may often seem the best option, but the benefits of telling the truth far outweigh any short term advantages of lying.So what are the advantages of always being honest with people?They hunkered down in a basement classroom for a two-part class called “The Truth About Lying: Detecting Deception.” One person was there because she suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her.Another wanted to learn how to match wits with friends who are interrogators for the Defense Department.Value of Truth Many people believe that honesty is one of the most important characteristics of a person because it affects their images.In elementary school, teachers always teach children to tell the truth, but the controversial issue is that adults are more likely to tell lies than children are.“You can go into a chat room and be anyone you want and make up a whole identity for yourself.”So the way we catch and perpetrate lies has changed in the last 50 years, but the consequences have not.“A big cost of lying is people won’t be able to trust you again,” says Ekman.Everyone knows what it takes to lie, but “nobody knows the ability it takes to reestablish trust.


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