Switching Thesis Advisors

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My advice: find someone who knows you in person, and knows more about your situation to talk to about this. So I also recommend the stick-with-it approach (although I do not know the particulars of your situation).

The best would be if you felt comfortable discussing it with your advisor, but another professor you know, or some sort of graduate subchair, or even an older graduate student would also be good.

My piece of advice is not only for mathematics: it's valid for everything in life.

If you ever dream of doing something else than what you're currently doing, go try it out! And if it doesn't work out, then you can always go back to what you were doing previously (the latter is not always true, but most of the time it is). candidate from studying other topics alongside their thesis topic (in fact, I think this should be encouraged to some degree).

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Visit Stack Exchange I am starting to find my thesis problem not meaningful nor interesting and too technical.Then he may propose a less technical question or a different angle of attack on the problem.He may explain the relevance of some technics that may appear boring at first sight, but that you will find both enjoyable and powerful as soon as you master it.Just tell him exactly what your are telling us: you think that your thesis problem is not meaningful nor interesting and too technical.If he displays as an answer some kind of rude behavior, then I think that it's better to change from subject (and from advisor).Just as many mathematical courses don't reveal all their depth in the first sessions, there may be many wonders that await you in the next years of your phd.But some tedious work may be in order before reaching that point.You just aren't going to get anything but the most vague advice that's not very well-suited to your situation from strangers on the internet. Since mathematics is so interconnected I'm sure you'll find your way. It's very easy to become demoralised (as I became at some points during my candidature). It would help to learn about the history and context of the problem. How does it relate to cool things in math that you do like? The typical candidate needs to meet fairly high expectations, without understanding what these expectations are (e.g. The Graduate Advisor or Co–Advisor must be a faculty member of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department.A graduate student is strongly discouraged from changing graduate advisors.


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