Summary Of Turner Thesis

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Additionally, many people who lived on the “frontier” were not part of his thesis because they did not fit his model of the democratizing American.

The closing of the frontier in 1890 by the Superintendent of the census prompted Turner’s thesis.

During the mid-twentieth century, most people lost interest in the history of the American West.

While appealing, the Turner thesis stultified scholarship on the West.

xvii.) Pascoe used a study of intercultural relations between women to better understand each of the sub-cultures (missionaries, unmarried mothers, Chinese prostitutes, Mormon women, and Sioux women) and their relations with governmental authorities and men.

Unlike Limerick, Pascoe did not find it necessary to define the west or the frontier.

Many Americans were concerned that American freedom would be diminished by the end of colonization of the West.

Not only did his thesis give voice to these Americans’ concerns, but it also represented how Americans wanted to see themselves.

Additionally, historians studied regions that would not have been relevant to Turner.

In 1987, Patricia Limerick tried to redefine the study of the American West for a new generation of western scholars.


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