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This is a mental event which will cause a physical event surely?

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As a DVD has soundtracks and visual files the world we experience has mental thoughts and physical activities or actions which coincide at the same time though are not causally linked.

It is as though these two separate tracks run in parallel.

They both argue that the substance dualism Descartes outlines is correct.

There is no causal relationship between mind and body for Leibniz and Malebranche as God is responsible for either setting up the two independent realities (Pre-established Harmony) or acting in each individual occasion (Occasionalism).

Secondly he seems to forget that we only have one tongue as a sense organ.

Zinn (1749) argued that the brain is fully divisible after split brain experiments on dogs.

Descartes believed that the mind and body were two distinct substances: one of extension and divisibility, the other non-corporeal and indivisible.

The issue surrounds how the two substances could be seen to interact.

The last issue on interactionism comes through work following that of Descartes in the guise of Pre-established Harmony and Occasionalism.

Leibniz and Malebranche would challenge Descartes’ use of the pineal gland as a reversal of his position.


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