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The anonymity that clickers provide is often an essential ingredient in asking these kinds of questions.

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One-best-answer questions aren't appropriate for exams, since the reasons students provide for or against answer choices are of more interest than their particular answer selections.

However, these questions can be very effective in preparing students to engage in class discussions about their reasons.

Using ARS can be used in a number of different ways to enhance your teaching.

However you should ensure that the specific activity you chose matches the course content, time constraints and learning objectives.

The computer records and/or displays the student responses.

If you would like to use the SRS in your course, contact the Learning Environment Support Unit (LESU).Often data generated by students during class can be used to make points about social behavior.By allowing these data to be collected and analyzed during class, clickers can bring a sense of immediacy and relevance to these kinds of experiments.The questions that appear on end-of-semester course evaluations also make useful monitoring questions at the midpoint of the semester.Classroom Experiments Classroom response systems can also be used to collect data from students for classroom experiments often used in the social sciences.The answer options are often based on student misconceptions and this helps the lecturer to identify whether students understand the concepts.This question type ask students to:, requiring students to analyze relationships among multiple concepts or make evaluations based on particular criteria.Student Perspective Questions These are questions that ask students to share their opinions, experiences, or demographic information.These questions do not have correct answers, but by surfacing the various perspectives of students in a class, they can help both instructors and students better understand those perspectives.Asking students how long they took to complete an assignment they have just turned in can provide instructors with useful information about the difficulty of the assignment.Clicker questions can also be used to see if students remember good advice or course policies shared on a first-day-of-class course syllabus.


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