Space Junk Research Paper

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Space debris is anything in orbit that is man-made and is no longer in use.

It consists of old, inactive satellites; rocket stages; and other discarded hardware.

Even tiny debris objects can inflict grave harm to critical sensors and spacecraft components.

A one-centimeter-sized object is considered lethal if it hits a satellite and an object down to one millimeter can critically damage a satellite if it hits a critical component.

Decades of space travel have resulted in a large amount of space debris that can be harmful to today’s satellites.

Aerospace is addressing the issue of space debris and space traffic management by developing tools for analyzing potential collisions, studying reentry breakups, and modeling debris objects in space. 4, 1957, marked the beginning of an intense space race that led to decades of rocket and satellite launches, which eventually resulted in a large amount of space debris.

Other nations use CSp OC data as well as their own tracking data to protect their satellites.

Therefore, high-accuracy assessment and prediction tools are essential for reducing risk to current systems and future launches.

In addition, the growth in space debris will make orbit operations and space flight more hazardous, difficult and more costly if frequent maneuvers are required to avoid debris. military is currently tracking about 20,000 objects and has cataloged more than 40,000 objects over the years.

A satellite would have to carry extra fuel for these extra maneuvers and would likely need to shield critical areas from collisions with small debris. Space debris numbers are estimated to rise to over 100,000 objects in the coming years.


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