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But that wouldn't have been right, because she's traveling those for different amounts of time. And then we get total distance divided by total time-- 12 miles per hour.

And then we can figure out the distance from the store and using that and the speed to figure out her time back.

If it catches up with the first train in 4 hours, what is the speed of the first train? Distance covered by the first train in (2 4) hours = Distance covered by second train in 4 hours Therefore, 6s = 60*4 Solving which gives s=40. Time taken to cover the distance upstream Time taken to cover the distance downstream = 3 Speed upstream = 3-1 = 2 mph Speed downstream = 3 1 = 4 mph So, our equation would be d/2 d/4 = 3 → solving which, we get d = 4 miles. With the wind, an airplane covers a distance of 2400 kms in 4 hours and against the wind in 6 hours.

So the slower train is moving at the rate of 40 mph. If the current’s velocity is 1 mph, it takes 3 hours to row to a place and come back. What is the speed of the plane and that of the wind?

For the first part of the trip, the average speed was 100 mph and for the second part of the trip, the average speed was 110 mph. Assuming the time taken for the first part of the journey to be ‘t’, the time taken for the second half becomes ‘6-t’.

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From the first equation, d=100t The second equation is 630-d = 110(6-t).He then boarded a bus which moved at the speed of 40 mph and reached his destination. Substituting the value of t in 40(3-t), we get the distance travelled by bus is 40 miles.The entire distance covered was 100 miles and the entire duration of the journey was 3 hours. Alternatively, we can add the time and equate it to 3 hours, which directly gives the distance. And what's the time coming back from the gift store? So we can take this distance, we can take 6 miles, that's the distance to the gift store, 6 miles divided by her speed coming back, which is 24 miles per hour, so divided by 24 miles per hour. We're going to have 6 over 24 is the same thing as 1/4. And then miles divided by miles per hour is the same thing as miles times hours per mile. A train starts at a certain time from X and travels towards Y at 70 mph.After 2 hours, another train starts from Y and travels towards X at 20 mph. Solution Let the time after which they meet be ‘t’ hours.So how do we figure out the distance to the gift store? We should be able to figure out the distance to the-- actually let me write it this way. At not point here do they say, hey, the gift store is this far away. The distance to the store will be equal to-- now we've got to make sure we have our units right. d/30 (100-d)/40 = 3 Solving which gives d = 60, which is the distance travelled by train.100-60 = 40 miles is the distance travelled by bus. A plane covered a distance of 630 miles in 6 hours. part of journey to be ‘d’, the distance covered in the second half becomes ‘630-d’.


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