Solve For X Practice Problems

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They can also use our digital textbook, game applications or PDF worksheets.

This algebraic equations math review is designed to refresh your knowledge for entrance exams such as ATI TEAS V, HESI, ACT, or the SAT. The ATI TEAS math section test participants on order of operations, ratios, fractions, metric conversation, etc.

This ATI TEAS math practice quiz will test you ability to solve multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.

I’ll show you how to solve equations with one unknown, such as this 2x 5 = 10.

Because the expressions must have equivalent values, the scale must be balanced.

Any changes made to one expression must also be made to the other in order to preserve balance.

Now that you’ve investigated the idea of balance as it relates to numerical expressions, in this lesson, you will extend that idea to algebraic equations.

You will use a variety of models to represent and solve algebraic equations, which involve relationships between numbers and variables.

If the scale is balanced, then the expressions are equal, and you can write an equation to represent the relationship between the two expressions.

If the scale is not balanced, then the expressions are not equal.


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