Six Factors Of Political Socialization

Six Factors Of Political Socialization-41
Though the culture may be the same within in a society this does not in any way mean that the people would agree on the same issues or that what may be important to one individual would be important to another, it simply means that the way in which they choose to approach and deal with these issues would be in essence quite similar.Political culture usually means that they people have basically the same level of awareness of their rights, obligations and expectations as citizens.

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Demographics also play an important part in the way people respond to politics as their different situations are affects differently by their political system.

A person’s race, gender, age, economic standing, country and education would have a significant effect on what they view as important to them and what they would like to be done for them through their political system.

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This paper has sought to identify the relationship between political socialization and political culture.

We have succeeded in establishing that the way a child is socialized, and the environment definitely impacts on his political culture.

Individuals develop a basic attitude toward authority and power through this form of socialization and as a result this is what is emanated further in their political views and attitude towards politics.

The secondary level of political socialization is more formal in nature and is found mostly in the wider social network.

How would political scientists describe the connection between political socialization and political culture?

The term Political Culture means the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and values that people have about politics, government, and their own role, and more generally about authority in all its various forms (Munroe, 1985).


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