Single Or Double Quotation Marks In Essay

Hence, visually, quotation marks may be single quotation marks (‘…’) or double quotation marks (“…”).Double quotation marks are used in writing when one wants to include quotes, which may be a whole paragraph, a sentence or even just a part of the sentence in his or her writing.Now notice something else which is very important: a quotation is set off by quotation marks and nothing else.

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Here are some examples: Look closely at these examples.

Note first that what is enclosed in quotes must be the exact words of the person being quoted.

American writers routinely use double quotation marks, “which are pictured to the left and look like the marks around this clause.” Writers in the U. may use either single or double quotation marks, with the former typical of academic publications especially and the latter commonly found in online media.

The single quotes ‘look like the marks around this phrase.’Most people already know full well that proper diet and exercise is the way to lose weight, and yet so many find themselves helpless to do what they know they “should” be doing.

If the writer wishes to add words or text within the quoted text, he or she should place those words in brackets to show that they are not part of the quotation.

Short Quotations If a writer wants to include a short quote in the write-up, the author’s last name, year of publication in brackets and page number should be written before the quotation.

Inclusion of direct quotes in one’s written work is essential as it makes the whole article lively and even interesting since it makes the reader try to imagine the words as they were being said by the individual quoted, for example; Double quotation marks may also be used to indicate emphasis to a word used in a sentence, irony, sarcasm or a situation when the writer does not buy to the meaning of the word in the context of a statement or sentence, for example: Most governments employ workers by “merit.” In this case, the writer does not agree that the governments employ workers using their merit which could be an educational qualification or work experience.

Politicians “care” and “represent” the people’s needs and wants and they work to satisfy them accordingly.

Moreover, single quotation marks may be used to indicate words that have not been used for their intended meaning in a statement or sentence but only when the words have been used within another quote, double quotation marks would be used to enclose such words, for example, From this statement, the use of cats and dogs is a metaphor and does not literally mean that it rained cats and dogs.

Even with the necessity of use of the quotation marks, whether single or double, it is important for any writer to use them moderately so that his or her work does not look heavy laden or without any flow of ideas which will make the reader lose interest in reading it.


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