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And the question is about the world as a whole and the answer must therefore consider everybody.The answer must consider the history of global living conditions – a history of everyone.What is the evidence that we need to consider when answering this question?

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This is the introduction to Our World in Data – the web publication that shows how global living conditions are changing.

This text was previously titled “A history of global living conditions in 5 charts”.

With this empirical data on the reduction of poverty we can make it concrete what a media that would report global development would look like.

The headline could be “The number of people in extreme poverty fell by 130,000 since yesterday” and they wouldn’t have this headline once, but every single day since 1990, since, on average, there were 130,000 people fewer in extreme poverty every day.

It was in the last two centuries that literacy became the norm for the entire population.

In 1820 only every 10th person older than 15 years was literate; in 1930 it was every third and now we are at 85% globally.A recent survey asked “All things considered, do you think the world is getting better or worse, or neither getting better nor worse? In Sweden 10% thought things are getting better, in the US they were only 6%, and in Germany only 4%.Very few people think that the world is getting better.In a world without economic growth, such an increase in the population would have resulted in less and less income for everyone; A 7-fold increase in the world population would have been enough to drive everyone into extreme poverty. In a time of unprecedented population growth our world managed to give more prosperity to more people and to continuously lift more people out of poverty.Increasing productivity was important because it made vital goods and services less scarce: more food, better clothing, and less cramped housing.In the past only a tiny elite was able to read and write.Today’s education – including in today’s richest countries – is again a very recent achievement.Researchers measure extreme poverty as living with less than 1.90$ per day.These poverty figures take into account non-monetary forms of income – for poor families today and in the past this is important, particularly because of subsistence farming.The Japanese translation of this blog post is here:世界的な生活条件の短い歴史、そして私たちがそれを知っていることが重要な理由.The Portuguese translation is available here: A curta história das condições globais de vida e por que é importante que a conheçamos.


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