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The occupants are so caught up in the past that they fail to see the truth of what occurs within Miss Emily's home through the course of the story. With the end of the Civil War and the emancipation of slaves, the economy has suffered badly.When Northerners called carpetbaggers descended on the South, the state of the economy was further destroyed.Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily" is set in the South, in a small town that changes slowly.

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No one had been in Emily’s house except for his servant Tobe.

Emily during his life did not pay taxes ever since he met Colonel Sartoris simply because it was whispered by the past mayor that the city was indebted to her family.

The setting of the story—the slow-moving, old-fashioned, chivalric South—is the element that allows Miss Emily and the townspeople to remain steeped in the past.

They make excuses when Miss Emily behaves strangely after her father's death.

While they believe her distant relatives should come to help Miss Emily in her time of difficulty, the townspeople are happy to see the outsiders leave.

When Miss Emily begins to spend time with Homer Baron, a Yankee, the women whisper about Miss Emily's fall from grace, but attribute it to being from a peculiar, old family.

Later on she decided to date a Yankee man by the name Homer Barron but when the man planned of marrying her, she turned against him and poisoned him.

This was because Emily had already seen his plans of the marriage not working.

It all began at her funeral when she died and her servant Tobe left the house.

When she was alive, she was a charming, exciting and happy woman but when she grew old, she turned into a person who wanted to lead a single life away from people. Grierson and as so she was always restricted him from dating or “courting.” and when the father died many people felt pity on her.


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