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They don’t think that way, because they think of the world in the scarcity model of paper.

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Alison Jones: Tell us why, what it is about blogging that you love so much. It’s a discipline, it requires rigour, it’s scary, which are three of the things that are good about it. That is a wonderful gift to the blogger, regardless of whether anyone reads it or not. 5,000 people contributed an enormous amount, and another 50,000 people contributed a little. When I watch the blogosphere stumble, because people couldn’t figure out how to make a living at it, makes me sad. I remember talking to Cory Doctorow about this a few years back, as well. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn, every now and then.

Mostly, what blogging does is, it requires you to put your name on the thought. Alison Jones: That’s an amazing way of thinking about it. It’s basically making visible to yourself, as much as to others, how your thoughts are developing, and the impact that you’re making on the world. He said that thing about the dandelion seed: just let it go, because actually, scarcity isn’t the issue. Building that sense of participation and excitement about an idea is the trick. It was a New York Times bestseller, and a Fortune Best Business book, and I should have had a career as an author.

Entrepreneur, marketer, speaker, and – what’s particularly relevant for today’s session – blogger. Seth Godin: I would blog four times a day if I could get away with it.

Blogging is a privilege, and even if no one reads your blog, you should have one. Alison Jones: I love that point about ideas operating differently to anything else. Seth Godin: Permission Marketing was a home run out of the gate.

Yet when I did finally find the nerve to send the invitation, he replied within seconds. Let’s do it.’ I suspect I was thrilled-er, to be honest, but we did it, and here’s the result.

He’s funny, inspiring, honest and just a little bit life-changing. Alison Jones: Hello, and welcome to the Extraordinary Business Book Club.

Alison Jones: Absolutely, because you had done something nobody else had done.

Also, that point about the integrity, you were living what you were preaching. We see this with a lot of the great stuff that happens in the arts.

The idea that an institution of people with good taste and resources, could find ideas on Monday, edit them on Wednesday, and promote them on Friday, is astonishing, but they’re just walking away from that and leaving it on the table.

Alison Jones: I’m smiling, because I had exactly this conversation with a room of publishers yesterday, just saying, “Do you know what? This world runs on content, and you are content experts.” So many publishers are wedded, as you say, to selling bits of dead tree to people for money, through bookstores.


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