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WCPSS’ experience illustrates just how precarious this balancing act can be.

Even a district with a storied history of diversity efforts ultimately fell victim to the political realities surrounding integration.

Second, regardless of whether one deems the SES-based assignment policy a success or not, WCPSS’ experience illustrates the importance of taking advantage of all possible levers in an effort to achieve integration targets. The WCPSS case makes clear that an “all of the above” strategy is almost certainly necessary if districts are going to even have a chance to achieve meaningful integration.

Third, any integration initiative is ultimately a balancing act between achieving meaningful diversity and navigating the politics of this issue.

Research shows that, together, these strategies did lead to a noticeable decline in socio-economic segregation throughout the early 2000s.

And although a change in school board composition—the result of a contentious election—brought an end to WCPSS’s SES-based assignment policy in 2010, it remains notable that the district aggressively worked to integrate its schools for more than 25 years. Did the SES-based school assignment policy result in greater levels of racial integration? On one hand, on average, racial and ethnic segregation levels were not meaningfully different under the SES-based assignment policy compared to a scenario in which all students would have attended their neighborhood school.They are: Morrisville City Council member Jerry Windel foresees the new school as a good thing for the town because of community feedback."In the area of Morrisville specifically, our population is booming, which is a great thing but, at the same time, families want close proximity for their schools," he said. All families affected by the proposal have been contacted via email.On the other hand, for students who would have attended majority-minority schools under residence-based school assignment, the SES-based assignment policy dramatically changed their schooling context. First, WCPSS’ experience shows that it is possible to design a districtwide SES-based school assignment policy that has little effect on overall racial and ethnic segregation levels in the district, but dramatically reduces segregation levels for students who would have attended majority-minority schools under a residence-based school assignment regime.For example, in schools where 75% of the student body would have been nonwhite under a residence-based school assignment policy, the average black student would have attended a school where only 14.3% of students were white. Political realities often result in broad-based policies bestowing educational benefits on advantaged student populations while doing little to change the schooling contexts of their less advantaged peers.Under the SES-based assignment policy, they attended a school where 37.5% of students were white—a considerably more diverse school environment. WCPSS’ school assignment policy arguably did just the opposite.Still, the fact that overall racial and ethnic segregation levels remained relatively unchanged illustrates just how hard it is to achieve broad-based racial integration without pursuing it directly. Involuntarily reassign students if it comes down to N4Tc AKW Red Wolf community, be safe today.Grab a book, sit in conversation, help a neighbor, be present for someone today. By Jodi Leese Glusco, director of content The Wake County Board of Education on Tuesday took up the always-contentious issue of student assignment.During a work session and public meeting, the school board discussed the first of three drafts in the 2019-2020 Wake County schools enrollment plan.


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