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Help him come up with time management strategies that work for him.

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So make sure your child has enough energy to work on assignments before he dives in to homework time.

Let him have a break, a snack or a nap if he needs it.

If learning issues make a specific aspect of an assignment hard for your child, he may rush through it out of frustration.

Kids with dysgraphia, for example, may struggle with the mechanics of writing.

If he already has an IEP or a 504 plan, talk with the teacher about your child’s current supports.

You may need to review his accommodations to see if he needs new or different ones.Help your child come up with a list of steps so he can cross them off as he completes them.For some kinds of homework, like math, you may need to ask the teacher for an example of a solved problem, showing each step.Apps like Mod Math can help kids work on math problems without using a pencil.You can search for apps for your child in Tech Finder.Is it easier for him to do hard assignments first, when he has more energy?Or would he rather warm up with something simple to build his confidence?Breaking down assignments can also help kids work on long-term assignments at a steady pace.Texting and checking social media while doing homework can be a major distraction.Make it a policy that your child charges his phone—in another room! And set a good example by putting your phone away when completing tasks of your own. If your child rushes through homework or just leaves answers blank, it could be a sign of a bigger issue.In the rush to get homework over with, kids may skip over the important final check for careless errors, misspelled words and illegible handwriting. Talk to your child’s teacher about what you’re seeing.


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