Rwanda Genocide Research Paper Outline

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One of the main causes of the genocide in Rwanda can be traced back to the period of colonial rule over Rwanda, where numerous policies of the imperialists left the Rwandan society divided with tensions searing among its population during and after this colonial period.Rwanda was originally ruled by the German empire but later by the Germans after World War I until the independence of Rwanda in 1962.This had lasted until the independence of Rwanda in 1962.

One of the main causes of the genocide in Rwanda can be traced back to the period of colonial rule over Rwanda, where numerous policies of the imperialists left the Rwandan society divided with tensions searing among its population during and after this colonial period.

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The Twentieth Century witnessed an unprecedented numbers of genocides.

However the most chilling of them all was the Rwandan genocide because it was the most rapidly executed state sponsored mass murder and it could have been prevented.

This was a major turning point in Rwanda, as this would lead to actions adopted by this Hutu government that would marginalise the Tutsi minority.

As the Hutus utilised this moment to weaken the Tutsis by using “false propaganda” of the Tutsis having “usurped Hutus in secondary and higher teaching institutions and in employment, public administration, and the private sector to advance their cause.” The measures employed by the Hutus against the Tutsis was more than spreading propaganda, they used this method to sanction the killing and isolation of the Tutsi race by prohibiting them from teaching themselves and from playing a role in the government, most crucially from the military.During the Belgian rule, the ruling Belgians had initially favored the Tutsi minority and used them to rule over Rwanda indirectly.For years the Tutsi minority had power and control, this is because the Europeans saw the Hutu as inferior, this in turn saw the systematic oppression of this group.This led to the displacement of many Tutsis trying to avoid these measures.The tables had now turned on the once ruling Tutsi people, clearly bringing to light the discrimination faced by them.Between April and July of 1994, an estimated eight hundred thousand people were murdered in Rwanda, in what was eventually called a genocide.It was the genocide of the Tutsi by the ruling class Hutus.Melvern argued that this Hamitic theory, “explained away every sign of civilisation in tropical Africa as a foreign import.” The fabrication of the Hutu and Tutsi races were based on categories of different socio-economic positions within Rwandan society.In order to categorise them the Belgians adopted a measure to divide the people of rwanda, they used ownership of cows as the key criteria for deciding which group an individual belonged to.There were many key contributing elements that culminated in the the execution of a targeted race on such a large scale.The source of the cause of the genocide was a result of ethnic tension between the Hutus and Tutsi race.


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