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Don't be concerned that you will duplicate most of the conclusion in your executive summary.Discuss the lessons learnt from this report in relation to the concepts learnt from lectures.If you are submitting your assignment via Stream (the online learning environment) you do not need to include a cover sheet.

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Please note that, companies with similar type of product lines or companies with less variety in product lines will have comparatively less complex supply chain and therefore, they will be easier to analyze.

However, on the proposed company you should be able to gather just enough information for analyzing key aspects of their supply chain (as suggested in this guideline).

Here you can discuss the essential points about the company / organization and importance of investigating the particular product supply chain. (10%)  Identify - supply chain aspect/processes selected: Your team will develop a detailed and easy to understand chart/diagram representing the specific supply and logistics chain of the selected product.

o The team will label the supply chain – actors (for example: supplier, manufacturer, distributor, retailers), upstream and downstream part of the supply chain, geographical location of the supply chain operations.

Group size: Five members Approval required: Details of group membership and product/company must be submitted to the tutor for approval by the end of the session 3.

Word count: Groups are required to write up a formal report (max 4000 words /10%) (excluding references and appendix) Plan your research: Plan your research project (what to do, who will do what and when) and discuss your progress with the teacher.Name (First Name, Last Name) Address (5 lines available) Student ID Course number Course title Delivery mode Assignment number Place your cursor over the required box. Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 Investigation into an allegation of improper conduct within RMIT’s School of Engineering (TAFE) – Aerospace July 2010 Ordered to be printed Victorian government printer Session Having considered the four matters referred to in section 22A(2), I have determined that it is in the public interest to identify the subject of the protected disclosure in this matter by disclosing the following particulars: the subject’s name, occupation and personal details.Appendixes –Under appendix you can put any tables/diagram/ data that will not be included in word count but excessive words will be!All tables/figures must be referred to in the body of the report. Answers should be 1.5 lines spaced, with 2.5 cm margins. Please submit your report through Canvas group pages – submit it first to Turnitin (to check similarity index) and then submit it through your group page for assessment. Include an RMIT Business Assignment Cover Sheet (as first page) which requires details of all students in the group, relevant student numbers and signatures c.Suggest any limitations of this research report (10%)  Provide a summary of your team work: (5%) After completing the team project, each team member needs to complete the following table and submit it in the project report Team member’s name  What was your commitment in the group project?(max 50 words for a member) Approximate actual level of contribution (please put your total contribution in percentage from 10-100%; for example, if you have contributed about 30% of the contents of the report then 30% is your contribution) Team member’s signature Reference- The assignment should be appropriately referenced (using the RMIT Business (AGPS) Harvard referencing style), including a bibliography (for a useful resource, please visit: https:// Conclusion: The conclusion 'wraps up' your report.It summarises the issues/ problems and how you resolved them.Students are advised to use this generic Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS) specifically matched to their assignment/s when submitting their assignment/s to the Assignment Office. Analyze piece for patterns, same ngering, notes, etc .


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