Revising Essays For Coherence

A reader may have to re-read, be forced to use too many context clues to understand what is being said, or make an undue amount of inferences.

To improve coherency, writers need to ensure that their writing has these characteristics: To maintain optimal coherency, organize paragraphs in the way that readers are accustomed.

However, we’re not allowed to wear those kinds of T-shirts to school.

I know my parents would rather I used the gift certificate for school clothes.

The influence of physiochemical properties of microbial floc, namely extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and hydrophobicity, on ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of sequencing batch reactor effluent was studied.

In the above example, the verb doesn’t arrive until the end of the sentence.

Each section of the paper should be doing something to support this claim. Identifying and Checking Support for Major Claims: The main claim of the paper will be supported by sub-claims; these will need to be adequately supported as well.

Ensure that you’ve provided sufficient supporting data (your own or from others) and explained how that information supports your claims.

A revision which fixes both problems might look like the below.

We evaluated the material of the basis of strength, flexibility, and cost.


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