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A solid resume is critical for success in the competitive social work field.

This also applies to professionals wondering how to find social work internships. College students should clearly indicate that their degree is pending.

Here's what to include: Under the educational header, always include degrees, certifications, licenses, and training in the social work field. Showing that you recently graduated or graduated decades ago may work against you. In the experience section of your resume, include details, dates, and duties pertaining to your work experience.

On the downside, this style makes it harder for hiring managers to quickly scan your work background.

This resume merges the functional resume and chronological resume.

Only mention skills relevant to social work and consider customizing skills to fit each job. To obtain a clinical social work position, you must demonstrate that you are legally licensed.

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When listing your qualifications, spell out the full names and include your license number and expiration dates.

Your work history and educational background are listed at the bottom.

This resume format benefits social workers just out of college or working professionals switching careers.

If you received a social work-related academic or professional award, note it in a separate section on your resume.

Memberships to social work organizations are also noteworthy, so list your professional affiliations.


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