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Read More The article If Black English Isnt a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?

Read More The article If Black English Isnt a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?by James Baldwin is about the status of Black English in America.

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Read More Early discussion in the 1970s among feminists with regards to the fundamental claim of the Whorfian hypothesis on the pervasiveness of the generic masculine in English is, in many aspects, a concrete argument backed by strong examples.

Words such as mailman or mankind do indeed seem to indirectly superimpose the ...

Incorporating my own experiences and also using examples of case studies to support the idea that language ...

Read More In the lexicon there is a total of 52 words that if somebody said them to me I would know exactly what they mean.

For example, a person who speaks English and Spanish is considered bilingual.

In 2006, the European Commission conducted a survey that showed that 56 percent of respondents could speak other language than their native one (Marian and ...We consider that bilingualism and multilingualism is an essential field linking sociolinguistics with other disciplines (psycholinguistics, linguistic anthropology, pedagogy, etc.).The journal will also pay special attention to theoretical and methodological contributions from sociology, social psychology or anthropology that can give consistency to the theoretical and methodological principles of sociolinguistics, and to make known the conceptual evolution in the social sciences among sociolinguists.Sociolinguistic Studies takes an ecumenical approach to the different schools, methodological principles or research orientations within sociolinguistic research and also accepts contributions from related fields such as pragmatics, discourse analysis, conversational analysis, interactional linguistics, language acquisition and socialization, linguistic anthropology, ethnomethodology and the ethnography of communication.Papers should be limited to approximately 7.000 words (Din A4 size), in Word-PC format.The people who agree with English-only laws dont necessarily ...Read More Language is constantly evolving and the meanings of words in each language change, including many slang words already invented.There are three issues per volume year (April, August, and December), the first issue, with the new title, is due in April 2007.Sociolinguistic Studies is a peer-reviewed journal in two formats: online and in hard copy, internationally diffused and distributed (ISSN: 1750-8649 -hard-, ISSN: 1750-8657 -online).The editors invite contributions in English, Spanish or French (75% of the contents of the journal are in English).Edited in Galicia (Spain), the journal pays special attention to minority languages and cultures, language contact and change, linguistic diversity, language revival, shift and loss, language and social inequalities, and language planning and policy.


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