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To convey the validity of the American Dream, Fitzgerald presents them as the type of people likely to use others and put wealth and superficial qualities above all else.

With specific emphasis on descriptive phrases, the corruption of money, and valueless relationships, this essay traces Fitzgerald’s use of characterization throughout the Great Gatsby.

Indeed, Wilson stated, “The only bad of it is that the characters are mostly so unpleasant in themselves that the story becomes rather bitter before one has finished with it” (Wilson 149).

But Fitzgerald did not want to sugar coat his characters......

Fitzgerald makes excellent use of descriptive phrases to demonstrate the underlining vapidity of the characters’ existences.

Haupt indicates descriptive phrases used to convey this superficial lifestyle.

The novel Great Gatsby introduces readers to a tragic hero Jay Gatsby who has three traits that make him a tragic hero.

He is a noble character who encounters many troubles to reach his dream, but he is defeated.

Nick discusses about his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom.

Tom has an adulterous affair with Myrtle, wife of George. Great Gatsby Introduction Many books that have been written by have represented the ideas of the society through tragic heroes.


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